Trauma Informed Prenatal Yoga Mentorship Training 

One-on-one training for teachers looking to deepen and expand their reach

As prenatal yoga teachers we have an opportunity and responsibly to provide practices, classes and guidance that seeks to create safety for those we teach through connection, knowledge and empathetic understanding. Trauma-informed yoga is an approach to teaching yoga that takes into account the reality that many people have experienced trauma, that healing from trauma can be a somatic as well as a cognitive experience and that yoga, meditation and mindfulness are unique and powerful tools for healing. It also acknowledges the potential for some yoga approaches to be triggering and considers the student's individual needs with every decision. 

Registered with Yoga Alliance for CEUs, this course aims to prepare trained prenatal yoga teachers to adapt and create practices that are trauma-informed for pregnant people both in and outside of yoga studio spaces. Taking an inquiry-based approach we consider what does a trauma-informed, inclusive prenatal yoga class look like? How can the practice of prenatal yoga evolve to be non-judgmental, affirming and inclusive of all people? And perhaps most importantly: how can each teacher discover and foster their own authentic approach to this important work?

Students should expect to devote a minimum of 10 hours of time on this course over a 6 week period with three hour-long video calls with Kim. Assignments, and readings are chosen with an eye toward understanding, growth and preparation. The investment is $300.00 with scholarships available . This training is offered in partnership with Chicago-based Amala School of Prenatal Yoga