Private Yoga Sessions (Prenatal/Postpartum)

I welcome those trying to conceive, healing from a loss, and adoptive parents (both pre and post adoption) to this process. Each session is parent-centered:  I will follow your lead in our sessions. If you are a new parent, I will assist with your newborn (or incorporate your baby into the poses) as needed to allow you to participate in the session. Part of our work together is to empower you to voice what you want, and how you are most comfortable so that you can express your needs in labor, birth and new parenthood.

You can also find me teaching Prenatal Yoga weekly at The Hudson Yoga Project in Hoboken, NJ each Tuesday at 11am.

Private Yoga for Birth Sessions

Sessions are for birthing people and their partners.  Yoga preparation for birth is not only for those planning a "natural" childbirth, but has useful applications for all expectant mothers including those planning a c-section birth.  Sessions are a wonderful way to connect and practically prepare for the experience together using the tools yoga offers to a birthing families. I will answer all your questions and leave you with useful information you can use in preparation and during birth!

Private sessions 1-2 hours.  All sessions are the perfect complement to your traditional childbirth education (Lamaze, Bradley, etc) or as preparation for birth and parenthood for those who understand basic pregnancy and labor processes but need that important sacred space to physically, emotionally, and spiritually honor themselves and this unique experience. I will always work to tailor sessions to you and your partners' needs.

Pregnancy, birth, and new parenthood are amazingly transformative times in a person's life.  My goal is to support you through these phases and use yoga to illuminate the transformation and prepare the mind, body and spirit for the journey.  I know firsthand how yoga-inspired postures, meditation, vocal toning and visualization can be utilized in pregnancy and labor, and my passion is sharing this wisdom with other families.